Cavalli Lugli Villa (in Bresseo, Teolo)

Cavalli Lugli Villa (in Bresseo, Teolo)

In Bresseo, in the hamlet of Teolo, stands the splendid Villa Cavalli-Giustiniani, later Lugli, built in the 17th century by the patrician Cavalli family of Bavarian origin, which from 1381 was aggregated for war merits (Giacomo Cavalli had been a valiant condottiere of militia) to the Venetian nobility. The villa passed by inheritance to the Giustiniani family in the 18th century, then to the Forti bankers and then to the Lugli family; today it is owned by Malandrin. It constitutes the urban pivot of the locality and-as in the case of other Venetian villas-it was its presence that gave impetus to the construction of the urban center that surrounds it today.

The deteriorated tiles of the main hall were restored on site.

Close-up of the original floorboards before restoration.

On-site restoration of the original weathered planks.

Details of the state of preservation and on-site restoration work.

Preparation of the cocciopesto base for the laying of the terracotta floor to be repositioned to replace the permanently compromised one. The floor was redone as the existing one in both format and color of planks and laying pattern.

Drawing of the existing floor to be redone.

Start of laying the star-shaped floor.

Finished room.

Overview of the finished room.

Another room entirely redone in imitation of an existing twin.

Photo of the entrance hall after restoration.

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